Quality and Safety

Our Quality and Safety Policy

We see our responsibility as being two-fold: firstly, we have a responsibility for the safety and quality of our products, and we also have a responsibility to contribute to making society a place where everyone is safe and can live a healthy life.
To achieve this, we have established a Quality Policy, and Food Safety Policy and Action Plan Guidelines based on the quality management laws and required international certification standards. We situate ISO9001 as our core policy underpinning our quality management system so that we can improve the quality of our products as well as our business operations.
We will continue to operate our quality management system effectively, ensure safety throughout the entirety of our business operations, and offer reliable products.

Quality Policy and Action Plan Guidelines

Quality Policy

We are committed to a quality management system and to continuously improving it to increase customer satisfaction and to make a positive contribution to the economy and society as a whole.

Action Plan Guidelines

  • We are attentive to our customers and strive to provide them with new value and services.
  • We are committed to safe and secure manufacturing methods and products for both people and the natural environment.
  • We establish quality-related objectives, and implement and review initiatives to achieve them.
  • We are committed to complying with all laws and regulations related to quality.
  • We facilitate smooth communication with stakeholders and within the Company regarding quality information.
  • We promote education and human resource development to cultivate and instill a culture of prioritizing quality.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality management system for both customer satisfaction and to make a positive contribution to society.

Food Safety Policy and Action Plan Guidelines

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to providing safe, high-quality products and earning the trust of our customers.

Action Plan Guidelines

  • As an integral part of the food chain, we continuously improve our food safety management system.
  • We establish food safety-related objectives, and implement and review initiatives to achieve them.
  • We are committed to complying with all laws and regulations related to food safety and meeting the requirements of our customers.
  • We facilitate smooth communication with stakeholders and within the Company regarding food safety information.
  • We deepen our understanding of the importance of food safety, improve our knowledge, and cultivate and instill a culture of food safety.

Quality Assurance System

Nagase Viita has established a quality assurance system in accordance with the Quality Management System Operation Control Regulations. The foods and food additives of the Okayama Functional Saccharide Plant and the Okayama Plant II have obtained an FSSC22000 certification of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Approval Scheme, and those plants produce, PULLULAN, SANMALT, and our signature product, TREHA, with hygiene management systems in accordance with HACCP. Food production at our other plants have also established a food safety management system in compliance with this standard.
The Okayama Plant II manufactures maltose, an active pharmaceutical ingredient, and trehalose products used as pharmaceutical additives, while the Fujita Pharmaceutical Plant manufactures Lumin, a schedule III pharmaceutical, and quasi-pharmaceutical products. These plants apply GMP as a manufacturing business under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act and promote quality assurance in manufacturing, and have a system equipped to provide quality assurance and safety management work in the market as a manufacturer and distributor under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act. This system is applied not only to pharmaceutical products but also to all varieties of products to strengthen the quality assurance system.
The efficient operation of these systems enables us to continuously improve our quality management system and provide safe, high-quality products to our customers.
Many of our products are kosher and halal certified, and we have also obtained natural-related certifications such as COSMOS.

Regulation Chart of the Quality Management System in Nagase Viita

Initiatives for Quality Control

In order to deliver safe and reliable products through the operation of the quality management systems such as ISO9001 and FSSC22000, we implement quality control at each stage of the supply chain, from the reception of raw materials to the shipment of products. We also maintain the quality assurance system, including confirmation by periodic internal audits, and security in product traceability.

Raw Material Management

To manufacture safe and quality products, we purchase the raw material from selected suppliers. We obtain raw material information (GMO, non-GMO raw materials, residual pesticide and allergens, etc.), and check each accepted load to ensure the material has met compliance with our in-house raw materials specifications. In addition, we periodically review the suppliers through audits of their quality management and quality assurance systems.

Raw starch

Production Management

To ensure stable product quality, we manage each production process to ensure compliance with our designated standards. We employ closed-system production lines to prevent contamination as well as install sieves, magnetic foreign object removal devices, and metal detectors in the production lines. The hygienic environment of the production facilities is checked by periodic evaluation of the working environment.

Manufacturing process control by computer control

Product Release Management

After confirming that each product lot has been properly manufactured in the production process, we conduct physicochemical and hygiene tests in accordance with quality standards, and ship products that pass these quality standards.

Instrumental analysis

Management systems

Location nameISO9001FSSC22000Others
Okayama Plant Ⅰ
Okayama Plant Ⅱ〇(P Facility)J-GMP
Okayama Functional Saccharide Plant
Fujita Plant
Fujita Pharmaceutical PlantJ-GMP
Fukuchiyama PlantFood additives GMP