Employee Health

Basic Approach to Employee Health

We strive to create a safe and healthy work environment where all employees can be satisfied and engaged in their work. An important responsibility for any company should be to create an environment where employees with a diverse background can work in a healthy and rewarding way, maximize their individual abilities, and grow while working hard together with respect for all. This also is the starting point for growth.

Health and Productivity Management Policy

Declaration of Well-Being

Nagase Viita considers the health of all employees to be an invaluable asset and an essential foundation of management at our Company.
And in order to deliver products that contribute to people's well-being, it is essential that employees are able to feel vigor and enthusiasm in their work. For this purpose, the Company and its employees will strive to improve health literacy* in their respective roles, not only to maintain their current state of health, but also to envision and approach their future state of mental and physical wellbeing and prosperity.
The Company, employees, and their families will cooperate to promote good health, and the entire organization will work together to take action to maintain, improve, and enhance engagement.

Action Plan Guidelines

  • We comply with laws, company regulations, and workplace rules related to occupational health and safety.
  • We continue to conduct educational and awareness activities to improve health literacy.
  • We strengthen measures against cancer and chronic lifestyle-related diseases, and implement measures to identify and resolve health issues.
  • We support initiatives to increase opportunities for employees to exercise to maintain their health and fitness.
  • We strengthen our mental health support measures to ensure the mental health of our employees.
  • We support employees who are ill so that they can balance work and medical treatment.
  • We promote work style reforms to maintain physical and mental health.

*health literacy: The ability to absorb, understand, and use correct information about health and medical care

Health and Productivity Management Promotion System

With the president as the chief executive officer, the Health Promotion Section and relevant departments will implement health and Productivity management measures in collaboration with the Health and Safety Committee, Nagase Health Insurance Association, staff in charge at each office, and other external parties.

Health Management Promotion System

Measures and Specific Initiatives for Health and Productivity Management

Health Management Measures

  • Maintain 100% rate for regular health checkups
  • Strengthen the management system by introducing a health checkup results management system
  • Improve the rate of re-examination and implementation of specific health guidance for health checkup results
  • Raise awareness and utilization of various subsidy programs such as full cancer screenings by health insurance associations (health checkup options, mailed examinations, etc.), stop-smoking support programs, dental checkups, etc.
  • Provide employees and their families with a range of vaccinations to prevent infectious diseases such as influenza, etc., and cover the cost of vaccinations
  • Establish Nagase Viita Guidelines for Mental Health
  • Implement stress checks and group analysis to better the workplace
  • Conduct mental health training
  • Implement a system for consultation with industrial physicians for those with mental health problems, and mental and physical health counseling sessions by nurses
  • Conduct health consultations for women
  • Conduct harassment training
  • Take measures to prevent heat stroke
  • Support club activities, and maintain athletic facilities
  • Take measures to prevent infection

Health Promotion Initiatives

  • Provide exercise opportunities such as calisthenics and stretching in the morning and during lunch breaks
  • Hold health events that allow the active participation of employees and that encourage employees to use the stairs, and walk/bike to work
  • Livestream health calisthenics videos by nurses
  • Offer healthy menus in the cafeteria that have been developed by nurses
  • Participate in a national project, Corporate Action to Promote Cancer Control, which aims to increase the cancer screening rate, and provide information on cancer control measures
  • Recommend walking events using health apps
  • Implement physical fitness testing for older employees
  • Implement AED training course

Work Style Support

  • Support for employees returning to work from personal leave or administrative leave
  • Follow-up on and improve environment for high-stress individuals
  • Establish a harassment consultation service
  • Support to balance work and childbirth/childcare, and establish a consultation service
  • Establish Nagase Viita Guidelines for Supporting a Balance between Medical Treatment and Work Life
  • Support balancing medical treatment and work life and establish a consultation service
  • Refreshment Leave System
  • Flextime System
  • Remote work
  • Establish no overtime day once a week
  • Introduction of anniversary leave system (beginning April 2022)

External Assessment

Certified in the Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Program 2024 (Large Corporation Category)
Nagase Viita considers the health management of employees and others from a managerial perspective, and practices health and productivity management that strategically implements initiatives to maintain and promote good health. In recognition of our efforts, the company has been recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council as a "Company as an Outstanding Organization in Health & Productivity Management (Large Corporation Category)" since 2022.

2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program

● Certified by the Japan Sports Agency as a 2024 Sports Yell Company
● Okayama City Award for Businesses Promoting the Formation of a Gender-Equal Society