Environmental Management

Our Policy for Environmental Management

To achieve the safe, secure, and sustainable society in which people can live comfortably that the NAGASE Group aims for, we believe that a sustainable global environment is a key factor. Most of the raw materials used in our products are produced by nature, and therefore it is important that we take the initiative in addressing environmental issues in order to make our business sustainable.
In January 2022, the NAGASE Group announced its policy to achieve carbon neutrality. Nagase Viita will continue to take action toward our concrete goals for 2030 and contribute to achieving a sustainable society through our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, including by reducing our CO2 emissions.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

We aim for sustainable development by engaging all employees to promote the harmonious co-existence of society with nature. We believe that protecting the environment, on a local and global scale, is one of the Company’s highest-priority responsibilities that can make a positive contribution to the economy and society as a whole.

Action Plan Guidelines

  • We have established and continuously improve an environmental management system in order to reduce the environmental burden of our operations.
  • We observe all environmental laws and regulations, establish voluntary standards and operating procedures, improve environmental management, and work to prevent environmental pollution.
  • We set environmental objectives, and in order to achieve them, we enhance our development and production technology capabilities, and strive for use of sustainable resources, measures against global warming, and the conservation of biodiversity.
  • We enhance environmental awareness and train employees to be environmentally friendly.

Environmental Management System

We have established the Environmental Management Promotion Committee to implement these Action Plan Guidelines in accordance with the Basic Philosophy shown in our Environmental Policy.

Initiatives to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Environmental Target Activities

We have set targets to reduce our environmental impact, and all employees are committed to achieving them.
*Our Environmental Targets

Energy Saving Activities

Optimizing the Manufacturing Process

At plants and other facilities, we have been promoting energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions by switching to LED lighting, optimizing the operation of chilled water and cooling water equipment, converting cooling water system pumps to inverter types, improving boiler efficiency, introducing energy-saving equipment, reducing energy loss, and reviewing manufacturing conditions.

Installation of renewable energy equipment

Solar panels have been installed in the office and welfare building, generating approximately 45 MWh per year, which is consumed in the facility. We will continue to promote the introduction of renewable energy by installing solar panels and utilizing biogas.

Solar panels on our office

Energy Efficiency Act Business Classification System

In the business classification evaluation system conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry based on periodic reports under the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use, we have been rated as an S class (business with excellent energy efficiency) for five consecutive years.

Education/Awareness-Raising Activities

  • We conduct annual training for all employees to ensure that they are fully acquainted with our environmental philosophy and policies, and to enhance their environmental consciousness.
  • Days when disasters have occurred in the past are highlighted as priority alert days in an effort to prevent recurrences and raise employee awareness.
  • We regularly issue Environmental News for internal use to provide information on the environment.