Our Divisions

Cultivating Innovative Value
Through Team
and Organizational Diversity

Much like how a collection of microorganisms can produce amplified outputs, Nagase Viita consistently taps into the unique strengths of every team member to achieve exponentially greater value

Sustainability Management Division

At the heart of Nagase Viita lies our commitment to sustainability management. This dedication steers our corporate governance and branding endeavors. In collaboration with stakeholders, we tackle challenges from raw material procurement to order processing, shipping, and logistics, all with the goal of elevating our entire supply chain.

Food System
Solutions Division

Our customized solutions, leveraging innovative materials and advanced technology, address each stage of the food system, from production and processing to distribution, consumption, and disposal. We strive to uncover new value and give back to society through constant information sharing, prototyping, and collaborative development. Exploring new frontiers, our initiatives extend to diverse sectors, including industrial, agricultural, and animal feed industries, addressing challenges and expanding possibilities.

Personal Healthcare Division

"True beauty and sustainability begin with ingredients." We endeavor to develop potent functional materials, maintaining eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Our products are made to be gentle on people and the planet. We provide a range of cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients, wellness products, and functional dyess, all created with a strong focus on sustainability and quality.

Research, Technology & Value Creation Division

Since our beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to original, consistent research and development, leading to the launch of truly unique products. By studying how enzymes from microbes can harness nature's power, we aim to realize the potential of the materials we work with. We are keen on tackling challenges together with our partners.

Production Division

Long before "carbon neutrality" was a global watchword, we challenged reducing our environmental impact, establishing and achieving CO2 reduction targets annually. Moreover, we are committed to improving our workplace through digital transformation and modernizing facilities and equipment. With the understanding that environmental conservation is a paramount global issue, we continuously strive to craft products that are friendly to both people and the planet.

Bio Chemicals Division

In April 2023, we integrated the biochemical products (enzymes) division from Nagase ChemteX Corporation, developing and manufacturing enzymes that support everyday life in diverse areas ranging from food and beverages to detergents, water treatment, and textile processing. By merging the unique technologies cultivated independently in Fukuchiyama and Okayama, we generate synergy, leading to unparalleled value creation only we can provide.

Quality Assurance Division

Safety and quality certifications, including ISO9001, FSSC22000, Kosher, and Halal, signify our promise to deliver products that meet the high standards of safety and excellence. Committed to building on this foundation, we strive for continual quality improvement to maintain and strengthen the trust our customers place in us. Advancing a 'Quality Culture' within our company, we engage all employees in our pursuit of outstanding quality.

Intellectual Property & Legal Division

We secure and maintain intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks to create a robust patent network that sets us apart from competitors. Our team also works diligently to draft and negotiate complex contracts. Furthermore, we serve as the secretariat for the Risk and Compliance Committee, investing efforts to instill 'integrity'—a commitment to honesty, sincerity, and high moral standards—throughout our company.

Corporate Administration Division

Our HR, General Affairs, Accounting, and Information Systems teams are committed to creating an employee-friendly work environment. We have established a new Health Promotion Section that prioritizes employee wellness and focuses on nurturing our company's most valuable asset—our people. Moreover, to solidify the foundation of our business, we are dedicated to improving operational systems, bolstering security measures, and enhancing efficient financial management.