Who We Are

Striving for Sustainable Materials and Shared Values

Beginning as a starch syrup manufacturer in 1883, we have continued our journey as a research and development-oriented company, tackling unique and original research that others might not attempt. Building upon our expertise in biotechnology and functional dyes, we have expanded our business across diverse fields.

In April 2023, we consolidated the biochemical (enzyme) division of Nagase ChemteX Corporation into our operations. By harnessing the unique technologies cultivated by both companies, we are set to bolster the growth of our bio-related ventures, a strategic pillar in the NAGASE Group's medium- and long-term plan. This move aligns with our vision: “We will contribute to a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind.”

In April 2024, we transitioned to Nagase Viita, marking a new chapter in our story. Moving ahead, we remain committed to working closely with the NAGASE Group, sharing our collective expertise to bring innovative products and values to the world.

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Representative Director of Nagase Viita Co., Ltd.

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Introducing Nagase Viita's "Purpose: The Reason We Exist" and "Values: Action Guidance for Purpose"

Our Philosophy

The Significance of the Corporate Name

“Viita” comes from the Latin word ”Vita,” meaning life or living. Adding another “i” to become “ii” depicts our dedication to a prosperous and sustainable future in harmony with nature.
This name is a testament to our determination to collaborate with companies, researchers, and people of all generations around the world. It represents our commitment to co-creating a future where people and nature can genuinely thrive together, as we reflect on life as yet unborn.

Nagase Viita's Strengths

Discover Nagase Viita at a glance: our Sustainability DNA, key figures, and manufacturing heritage

Nagase Viita's Strengths