Our Compliance Policy

In recent years, the external environment has changed remarkably rapidly, and legal regulations have become increasingly stringent as the world becomes borderless. This has led to an increase in the social responsibility that companies must fulfill, with particular emphasis on the prohibition of bribery and compliance with fair competition rules.
Based on this recognition, Nagase Viita adheres to the Compliance Code of Conduct common to all NAGASE Group companies and makes the Compliance Consultation and Reporting Contact Point Rules known to all employees. With the understanding that each director and employee is a key player in promoting compliance, we are striving to ensure that compliance is given top priority in all aspects of our business activities. Through these activities, we hope to earn and strengthen the trust of our business partners and all other stakeholders.

The NAGASE Group Basic Compliance Policy

In accordance with our Group-wide business philosophy that “We recognize our responsibility to society and offer beneficial products and services while maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Through our growth, we will contribute to society and enrich the lives of our employees,” we hereby establish the Basic Compliance Policy as follows.

Nagase Viita's directors and employees are required to act in accordance with these standards, and at the same time, to focus on making these standards known to all relevant parties and internal organizations, and in the event of an incident that may conflict with these standards, to endeavor to resolve the problem without delay, investigate the root cause, and improve operations to prevent a recurrence.

1. Comply with applicable laws and regulations; conform to internal rules
Conduct business fairly and in good faith, in keeping with laws, company rules and social norms.
Conduct work in keeping with internationally accepted norms to ensure our growth as a global enterprise.
Comply strictly with domestic and foreign laws including laws regarding bribery and competition laws.
2. Eliminate anti-social forces
We firmly reject any anti-social forces that threaten the public order and safety.
3. Provide useful products and services
Contribute to society through useful goods and services.
4. Respect employee personality and individuality
We foster a corporate culture in which employees can contribute with their independence and creativity.
We will protect employee health, respect their basic rights, and treat them fairly and without discrimination. We will provide a safe and enriching work environment for our employees.
5. Disclosure of information to stakeholders
We will strive to ensure transparency and demonstrate good faith by accurately identifying and proactively disseminating information needed by people in their respective positions to customers, business partners, shareholders, employees.
6. Protect the global environment
We recognize and take up our responsibility to protect the Earth’s environment.
7. Responsibilities to top management
The top management of all NAGASE Group members including Nagase & Co., Ltd. shall take the lead in ensuring that business is conducted with the highest standard of dignity as a member of society.

NAGASE Group Compliance Code of Conduct

The NAGASE Group Compliance Code of Conduct is based on the above Basic Compliance Policy and describes specific matters regarding standards that are particularly important for all officers and employees of the NAGASE Group to follow in their corporate conduct, and that are common to all NAGASE Group companies. See the NAGASE Group Compliance Code of Conduct here.

Initiatives for Compliance

Fair Business Practice

Nagase Viita is implementing activities to promote understanding of the Antimonopoly Act and other laws and regulations related to the promotion of fair trade. We will continue to educate and disseminate these laws and regulations to our directors and employees. In addition, as we promote the globalization of our business, we will continue to educate and disseminate anti-bribery regulations, paying attention to the strengthening of the anti-bribery of foreign public officials under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and the extraterritorial application of anti-bribery regulations such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act.

Tax Policy

In tax practice, we strive to maintain and improve compliance as well as to adhere to the following principles. 

  • We comply with tax-related laws and regulations as well as other accounting-related laws and regulations in their respective countries and regions, always conducting tax treatment appropriately.
  • We are working with tax authorities to identify tax issues through prior consultations and other means.

Preventing Corruption

We are committed to preventing corruption and maintaining sound and appropriate relationships with business partners and governments. In particular, with regard to bribery, we strictly comply with the NAGASE Group's Basic Regulations for Prevention of Bribery and the laws, regulations, and internal rules clearly defined in the Compliance Code of Conduct. We take the following measures to ensure sound and appropriate relationships with business partners and governments.

  • Neither grant nor obtain any unfair benefits in commercial transactions
  • Officers and employees must comply with laws, regulations and internal rules, such as the Basic Regulations for Prevention of Bribery, and take correct actions within reasonable bounds to prevent misunderstandings and public scandal.

Internal Reporting System

We have introduced an internal reporting system with a contact point that employees and other staff can turn to directly to report issues and seek advice regarding seemingly problematic behavior. In order to enhance the reliability of this contact point, we will also work on measures to improve the function of the contact point, such as training to improve the skills of whistleblower response personnel and the creation of a manual for handling whistleblower complaints.

Nagase Viita Internal Reporting Contact Point
The contact point accepts reports and provides advice on a wide range of compliance-related matters such as harassment, human rights violations, and bribery and other forms of corruption. Contact can be made anonymously if desired.
In addition to the Nagase Viita contact point, the NAGASE Group operates a headquarters contact point and also has a designated law firm to provide support. All contact points take due care to protect confidentiality.
Consultations and reports are accepted by letter, telephone, fax, or e-mail.
To ensure the confidentiality of each case, measures are taken to protect the personal information of the individual who makes contact, and ensure that they experience no negative consequences.
Nagase Viita will conduct investigations and take other actions in consideration of the rights of the party in question, not merely the whistleblower.
The contact point is also available to board members and former employees who have been retired for less than one year.

Compliance Training

We provide various forms of education and training for all employees, regardless of position, to raise awareness for compliance. We will continue to conduct proactive training to maintain a safe and respectful work environment.

Security Trade Controls

To ensure appropriate trade practice in line with laws and regulations as a member of international society, Nagase Viita has established its Export Control Secretariat. The Secretariat confirms whether export permission is required under regulations such as the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, and stays up to date with legal and regulatory revisions. This ensures that only those goods and technologies approved by the export control manager are put into the system as products allowed for export.

Regulatory Compliance of Products

Conformity of our products to the laws and regulations of each country is an essential part of business operations. To ensure regulatory compliance for the sale and use of our products in Japan and overseas, we collect and manage information on related laws and regulations, and have established a compliance system using the NAGASE Group network.

Specific Compliance Framework
To make our products available not only in Japan but worldwide, we make sure to research and obtain the relevant approval or license in each country for each product, whether food ingredients or additives, cosmetic or industrial raw materials, or pharmaceuticals. To ensure that we stay up to date with changing laws and regulations and provide accurate information to customers, we take out membership of relevant industry organizations.