Spreading happiness among families while harvesting tasty vegetables from the company’s residential vegetable garden; Making use of coffee grounds from the office as compost

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The work of the General Affairs Section is wide-ranging, and among its tasks is the management of the company residence.

The Kuwano International Village, located close to our research facilities, is a company residence that accommodates 16 employee families and 21 single employees as of January 2024. Despite the building being over 30 years old, the General Affairs Section’s diligent management and attentive maintenance provide a comfortable and pleasant living environment. The premises also features a private vegetable garden, where a variety of vegetables and fruits are harvested throughout the seasons.

It is All Smiles at the Potato-Harvesting Event

An employee from the General Affairs Section diligently cares for the vegetable garden, producing a variety of crops such as onions, potatoes, strawberries, mandarin oranges, green peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. When the potatoes begin to emerge from the soil, a special potato-picking event is organized for the families residing in the company residence. During this event, families come together to experience the joy of digging up potatoes with shovels, and the children cheer enthusiastically as they unearth the larger ones.

▲Collective potato harvest by all the employee families living in the company residence!

Harvested abundantly in early summer, these onions find their way to the employee cafeteria at the factory site. Renowned for their sweetness, these ultra-fresh onion slices are a popular choice and contribute to the overall well-being of our employees.

▲(Left) Some of the onions from the bountiful harvest. (Right) Onions sliced in-house garnish the main dish.

Creating a Sustainable System with Composting

The vegetable garden has a composting system, and in addition to food scraps from the company residence, coffee grounds from the head office's coffee maker are regularly collected and recycled into compost. The General Affairs Section is also in charge of this work.

▲(Left) Coffee grounds generated at the head office, (right) are used for composting at the company residence.

Consistently pursuing sustainable initiatives is yielding fruitful results. The General Affairs Section is dedicated to daily efforts, not only in enhancing the workplace environment for our employees but also in fostering the well-being of their families and the local community. We look forward to sharing more about our ongoing activities in the next update.

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