Formulation Design Utilizing Ingredients

We conduct prototyping of food and personal care products to ensure that differences can be felt by people before quantifying product characteristics using instrumental analysis and developing theories about their functional mechanisms.

Food and personal care items contain a variety of ingredients. Based on the experience gained through our client relationships, we provide proposals that capitalize on the characteristics of these components (ingredients) and suggest new values derived from their combination. We are committed to addressing and resolving our customers' challenges.

The Food Industry

We design foods with the desired taste, texture, and functionality by carefully combining various food ingredients and our own materials. After scientifically verifying the results, we propose recipes to clients.
For example, we make delicious plant-based foods that are healthy and eco-friendly, using only plant-derived ingredients.

The Personal Care Industry

We create and share a variety of formula examples for skincare and haircare, tailored to market trends. These serve as guidelines for using our ingredients, aimed at our clients.

Scientific study of the senses for transparent proposals and new applications development

We strive to clarify how our materials and products function within recipes, with the goal of providing information that allows our clients to use them with confidence and satisfaction, while also channeling these insights back into new materials and applications.
For example, when we incorporate carbohydrates into our products, we use microscopic observations and other analytical methods to determine how they behave in the final product.

When stabilizing ingredients through product formulation, we quantitatively determine which substances increase or decrease through component analysis. Providing such scientific backing for sensory evaluations as well as information on the estimated mechanism of effectiveness, we give our clients clarity and confidence in our products.

By employing Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) to evaluate the size and particle number of protein aggregates caused by various stresses, we assess the protein stabilization effects of in-house ingredients.


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