Exploring Useful Substances from Nature

Discovering new enzymes from natural samples such as soil.

We collect natural samples such as soil from various regions across the country. By cultivating microorganisms under controlled conditions such as nutrients and temperature, we not only isolate microorganisms with distinct characteristics, but also explore and acquire enzymes with unique catalytic activities using comprehensive analytical techniques. Furthermore, by utilizing proprietary information that we have developed in-house, we are taking a more efficient approach for discovering new enzymes from the widely available genetic information.
In this way, by combining the acquisition of unique microorganisms from the natural world over more than half a century with information resources researched around the world, we are conducting research aimed at maximizing the value obtained from nature.

  • sampling soil
  • colony forming
  • isolation
  • liquid culturing
  • reaction
  • analysis

Reaction Design by Combination of Enzymes

We specialize in reaction design that not only uses our own unique enzymes, but also creatively combines multiple enzymes to produce unique reaction products.
For example, in the production of our flagship product, trehalose, we create reaction systems that efficiently produce trehalose from starch by combining enzymes that break specific starch bonds(Isoamylase), enzymes that form the trehalose structure(MTSase), and enzymes that cleavage trehalose unit(MTSase). Leveraging this reaction system, we developed unique liquid products like HALLODEX™ and MG-60.

Modify substances by enzymatic reaction

By capitalizing on extensive experience in enzyme-catalyzed transfer reactions, efforts are also made to enhance the stability and water solubility of substances, thereby facilitating the greater effectiveness of the active components found in natural substances.
We are aiming to further utilize and deepen this technology through cooperation with external entities.

Preparing test samples of high-fuctional substance from naturally derived materials

By leveraging knowledge in organic synthesis, in addition to bacterial and enzyme reaction in microorganisms, there is an ongoing effort to create high-performance substances with low environmental impact, all while keeping an eye on indicators such as the natural origin index.
Small-scale preparation of reagents is carried out, enabling the development of their functions through collaboration both internally and externally.

Enzymes, known for their substrate and reaction site specificities and low toxicity, are regarded as an industrial technologies that promote a sustainable society.
Furthermore, fermentation technology with microorganisms, which has helped people since antiquity, can produce complex compounds from simple raw materials such as glucose.
For more than a half-century, we've been studying enzymes and fermentation to benefit society.


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