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Inquiries for Our Products & Solutions

  • Food Ingredients

    Please use this form for food ingredients such as TREHA™ (a multi-functional disaccharide), Fibryxa™ (a water-soluble dietary fiber), and DENABAKE™ EXTRA (an enzyme.)

  • Personal Care Ingredients

    Please use this form for ingredients for the personal care industry such as AA2G™ and MG-60/Tornare™.

  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Please use this form for ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry such as TREHALOSE SG and MALTOSE PH.

  • Functional Dyes

    Please use this form for functional dyes such as specific wavelength absorbing dyes, dichroic dyes, and fluorescent dyes.

  • Research Reagents

    Please use this form for carbohydrate-related reagents for research institutes.

Inquiries for General Questions, R&D, HR (recruitment), and Media Coverage

Please click the "General Inquiry" button for inquiries from universities, research institutes, and companies regarding our research and development, inquiries regarding recruitment, general corporate activities, and requests for media coverage.

Contact : Nagase Viita Co., Ltd. General Inquiry