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Hayashibara Museum of Art


Nagase Viita supports Hayashibara Museum of Art that includes valuable ancient Asian art
Hayashibara Museum of Art
The Hayashibara Museum of Art has a large collection of swords, armors, paintings, writings, Noh masks and costumes, lacquerworks, ceramics, and metalworks. These historically significant objects are treasures from the Ikeda family, the feudal Lords in Okayama and the private collection of Ichiro Hayashibara, an entrepreneur in Okayama. The museum displays these collections through themed exhibitions or special exhibitions featuring significant collections from other museums.

Main collection

  • Important cultural propertyPainted views in and around Kyoto.

    Folding screens. Edo period. 159.1 ㎝ × 362.9 ㎝
  • Heike Monogatari Emaki( The tale of the Heike with illustrations).

    36 hand scrolls. Edo period.
  • Important cultural propertyDeep-blue-laced Dōmaru (body wrap) type armor with helmet and shoulder guards.

    Nambokuchō period. Body height: 122.5 ㎝, Kusazuri-fauld height: 27.5 ㎝
  • National TreasureLong sword signed Yoshifusa.

    Mid-Kamakura period, 13th century. Blade length: 71.2 ㎝, curvature: 2.7 ㎝
  • Dish with various treasure designs in blue underglaze and overglaze enamels.

    Nabeshima ware. Edo period. width 30.0 ㎝ × height 8.4 ㎝
  • Important cultural propertySet of bridal furniture with design of lion, peony and the Tokugawa crest of hollyhock on zigzag ground in maki-e lacquer (19 pieces).

    Edo period.
  • Important cultural propertyChart of Asia for navigation.

    Folio colored on parchment. Momoyama period. 50.7 ㎝ × 76.7 ㎝
  • Letters handed down by Ishigai family. By Chōsokabe Motochika and others.

    3 hand scrolls (47 letters). Muromachi‒Sengoku period.

2-7-15 Marunouchi, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0823, JAPAN
TEL: +81-86-223-1733
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Open hours
10 am. - 5 pm. (admittance until 4:30pm.)
Closed dates
Mondays (open on Mondays that fall under holidays and then closed on the following Tuesdays), New Year’s season and day(s) during preparation for a new exhibition.
Adults - 500 (400) yen / High School Students (ID required) - 300 (240) yen / Junior High school students or younger - Free
* ( ) indicates a price for a group of 20 or more.
* Person over 65 years old (ID required): 400 yen.
* Person with disability and one accompanying person: Free
* A separate admission fee is required for special exhibitions.