Envisioning our Future
with Functional Dyes

Brightening up daily lives, supporting health, and envisioning the future.
Functional Dyes Business

Over a history of 70 years, our functional dyes have contributed to various aspects of people's daily life. We will continue to pursue business activities giving more people a comfortable and better lifestyle leading to well-being of society.

Our Sustainability

image: Well-Beingimage: Well-Being

Our Functional Dyes Department is engaged in activities that promote a sustainable "environment", "society", and "economy".
We are committed to co-creation with our partners, leading to the well-being of the planet so that we can contribute to people's health, and enrich quality of lives while reducing environmental impact.

Our Functional Dyes Business
The path taken until now and to the future ahead.

We started the research and development of photosensitizing dyes in 1947, which brought us to manufacture of pharmaceutical applications.
Later in the 1950’s, as industrial demands grew, we began development of photosensitizing dyes for photographic use, which became the core of our business. With our dye synthesis technology accumulated over the years, we are now expanding into a wider range of applications from the industrial field to the life science field.

Through co-creation with our partners, we will continue innovating life-changing solutions to our society, while we look for a future with brighter and healthier living.

Fujita plant

Fujita plant
History of our functional dye business
  • 1947:
    Establishment of Japan Photosensitive Dyes Laboratory
  • 1951:
    Launched photosensitizing dyes for pharmaceuticals
  • 1958:
    Released photosensitizing dyes for personal care and photographs
  • 1980s:
    Dichroic dyes for liquid crystals developed and introduced in the market
  • 1990s:
    Dyes for CD-R and CTP printing became widely available
image: Life scienceimage: Life science

Enabling beautiful
photographs and printing

Photographic films

For more than 60 years, we have been manufacturing photosensitizing dyes for use in photography, contributing to the preservation of people's beautiful memories.
Even today, when digital photographs have become the mainstream, the magic of analog photography has not faded, and they are loved by all ages.

Photographic films
Functional dyes used in photographic films: Sensitizing dyes
Commercial printing

Since the 2000s, " computer-to-plate (CTP) output" has become the mainstream method for printing magazines, newspapers, fliers, etc., and photothermal conversion dyes are the key material to this technology.
This technique is expected to save time, cost, and reduce environmental impact, as well as improve quality, compared to other conventional printing processes.

Commercial printing
Functional dyes used in commercial printing: Photothermal conversion dyes
What is CTP (Computer to Plate) technology?

Providing innovative
solutions for well-being

Diagnostic reagents

Testing reagents have a significant role in the medical research and practice to diagnose diseases. Our functional dyes are used in the field of diagnostic reagents that require high affinity and detection sensitivity of the target substance.
We strive for the development of technologies that support people's health, such as early case detection and prevention of various diseases.

Diagnostic reagents
Functional dyes used in diagnostic reagents: Fluorescent dyes
New solutions for diagnosing diseases

To diagnose diseases, detecting target tissues from collected samples with high sensitivity is essential. Finding a dye that specifically interacts to the target requires an enormous amount of verification processes. We provide suitable dyes from our extensive library that we have cultivated over years of research.
Moreover, we are expanding our library by developing new dyes with higher affinity, so as to continuously respond to the needs of our customers.

Diagnostic reagents using functional dyes
-9. Screening of dyes
2. Detection of target molecules
X-ray films

Analog X-ray films are still an essential tool for diagnosing injuries and diseases, especially in countries with limited access to modern medical equipment.
To deliver healthcare to people worldwide, we will continue to provide a stable supply of the dyes used in X-ray films.

X-ray films
Functional dyes used in X-ray films: Sensitizing dyes

Contribution for a future
with comfortable living

Filters for sensing equipment

In recent years, the use of sensors has greatly increased in various fields such as automobiles and electronic devices. To make sensors smaller and more sensitive, a technology to cut off unnecessary light and transmit other light in a limited space is required.
We are currently engaged in research on dyes that control the absorption and transmission of light to develop sensors with higher performance.

Filters for sensing equipment
Functional dyes for sensing filters: Light-absorbing dyes
Photochromic filters

There is a growing demand for photochromic films in automotive and construction materials to provide adequate lighting, privacy protection, and energy conservation.
Our research and development of dichroic dyes which can electrically control light absorption and transmission, would help improving the quality of everyday life.

Photochromic filters
Functional dyes for Photochromic filters: dichroic dyes

Co-creation with our partners
What we offer

Extensive dye library

Our library of more than 10,000 functional dyes is the accomplishment of over 70 years of
research and development in dye synthesis.

Extensive dye library
We grow with customers

Through our functional dyes, we work with our partners to co-create values leading to
a better living for the future.

  • Our capability
    Our capability

    We can develop methods for synthesis based on your structural information. Also, we design optimized synthesis conditions for each process to achieve higher efficiency.

  • A wide variety from small quantities
    A wide variety from small quantities

    Orders can be accepted for synthesis in units of grams. We produced more than 170 materials including intermediates in 2022.

  • Stable supply
    Stable supply

    We have been ensuring stable quality and long-term supply since we have started our manufacturing of dyes over 70 years.

Contract Manufacturing Services

We offer contract manufacturing services to meet each request we receive,
and we can develop customized new dyes for specific applications.
Also, our extensive dyes library enables you to select the suitable dye for your project.

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