R&D System

An agile organization dedicated to solving social challenges

The Development Departments and Centers work in partnership to support our Food System Solutions and Personal Healthcare Business.
Additionally, we have established multiple innovation units that operate dynamically under the leadership of outstanding leaders, aimed at addressing societal challenges that require solutions from a medium to long-term perspective.
All activities within this division are consolidated by the Technology Strategy Department, which establishes a system for collaboration both internally and externally.

To embody our resolve signified by “ii” in Nagase Viita

We are committed to refining the value of technologies and ingredients that harness the power of nature, aiming for a future where humans and nature truly coexist. We aspire to solve significant challenges beyond our solitary capacity by engaging in dialogue and co-creation with our stakeholders for the future. We hope you will join us on our journey towards realizing a truly sustainable future.

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