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Our business of functional dyes started 70 years ago and have been expanded for industrial applications such as life science, photography, and printing.
Through innovation, we contribute to people's daily lives and to various aspects of society.

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  • Specific Wavelength Absorbing Dyes

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    Dyes that absorb specific wavelengths are utilized in optical filters for camera lenses and sensors. We offer various dyes that sharply absorb specific wavelengths, which the absorption wavelengths can be adjusted in the scales of nanometer.

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  • Dichroic Dyes

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    Dichroic dyes are currently expected to be applied to windows of automobiles, buildings, etc. as light-dimming materials. In addition to dichroic dyes and high dichroic ratio materials for each wavelength, we also have a selection of black mixture.

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  • Fluorescent Dyes

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    We have fluorescent dyes for various wavelengths.Cell staining can be performed using fluorescent dyes.It exhibits stronger fluorescence than commercially available products, allowing you to clearly observe the nucleolus.

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