Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) is a technology for personal dose monitoring. Landauer has invented aluminium oxide doped with carbon (Al203:C) for radiation measurement detector.


InLight OSL Dosimeter

The InLight dosimeters provide x, gamma and beta radiation monitoring with optically stimulated Iuminescence (OSL) technology. It is engineered to be read out by an Inlight reader. The OSL dosimeter is ideal for personnel, area/environmental, emergency response monitoring, clinical dose measurements or any radiation assessment application.

OSL Readers

These two Inlight readers use aluminum oxide (Al203) detectors to measure radiation exposure and reads the measurement with optically stimulated luminiscence (OSL) technology. Inlight readers can quickly and efficiently read inlight whole body, nanodot or environmental dosimeters for personnel, area environmental, and emergency response monitoring.
01OSLR Automatic Reader
uses for reading and annealing InLight Dosimeter, InLight Environmental Dosimeter and InLight Albedo Neutron Dosimeter. There are 2 types of capacity as 50 and 250 dosimeters.