How long are the working days for the issuance of dose reports?

10 - 15 working days upon receipt of the used dosimeters.

How about the shipment of OSL badges?

The dosimeters will be shipped to your facility before the monitoring period starts.
Payment must be settled before the delivery of the badges.

What is OSL?

Optically Stimulated Luminescence. The OSL Technology developed by Landauer, Inc. is the latest technology used for radiation measurement. The Aluminum Oxide (Al203) is the detector material used to measure the amount of radiation exposure received by the OSL dosimeter. From the name itself, this detector is stimulated by a light source, which will result to illumination. The amount of light emitted will determine the amount of radiation dose received by the dosimeter.

What is the difference between TLD and OSL Dosimeters?

TLD, or thermoluminescent dosimetry, is an old technology used for radiation measurement that uses heat when stimulating the detector material to measure the amount of radiation exposure. In terms of advantages of OSL from TLD, it is insensitive to environmental effects, capable of longer wear period, has a non-destructive readout, and archiving is possible.

What is your process for a dose monitoring service subscription?

Customer Information Sheet (for the new customer only), Personnel Dose Monitoring Form and Purchase Order (PO) must be submitted to us for application and processing. After the payment has been settled, the preparation of the badges will start, and you will receive them before your monitoring start date.