Dosimetry Laboratory Service

The benefits of radiation are widely used in various fields such as Construction, Dental, Diagnostics, Education, Electronics, Food, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Medical, Mining, Security, Semiconductor, Research, and Industry. However, as much as it can be beneficial, it may pose harmful effects as well, especially to those who are exposed daily and are closely utilizing equipment or machines that make use of radiation.

To provide safety and assurance to these people, the NPH Dosimetry Laboratory provides radiation dose monitoring services using the latest OSL technology, which is being used globally by over a hundred countries. Our laboratory uses the Qulxel Badge, a newly developed dosimeter that has set the global standard in dosimetry service.

On the holder of OSL dosimeter is shown the detail as name of user, organization, period of using dosimeter and wearing position for convenience and information to user.

Detection capability of energies of OSL - Qulxel type

Type of RadiationEnergy RangeDose Range
Photons>5 keV0.01 mSv to 10 Sv
Beta>150 keV0.1 mSv to 10 Sv


  1. 01

    Customer Registration and Payment

  2. 02

    Database Management

  3. 03

    Preparation and Deliver OSL to customer

  4. 04

    Customer use following the period

  5. 05

    Customer ships OSL back to Laboratory

  6. 06

    Dose Evaluation and Report


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