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Special Epoxy Compound DENACOL


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Nagase ChemteX's special epoxy compoundDENACOL

  • Multi-functional aliphatic epoxy
  • Water-soluble
  • Broad selection

DENACOL is a special epoxy compound in which hydroxyl group and organic acid are converted into glycidyl ether or ester by making full use of Nagase ChemteX's advanced organic synthesis technology.

Broad selectionProduct information

DENACOL can be used for various purposes:

Lineups with a wide variety of base structures
・Aliphatic or aromatic glycidyl ethers or glycidyl esters
・Wide selection of water-soluble epoxy compounds
High reactivity with various functional groups
・High reactivity with compounds having active protons
(alcohol, phenol, carboxylic acid, amine, thiol, inorganic acid, etc.)


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