High Performance Plastics

High Performance Plastics

High performance plastics or specialty resins are plastics whose properties are enhanced to meet specific requirements such as very high heat resistance, extreme chemical resistance, increased wear and friction, thermally and electrically conductive, High stiffness and mechanical properties retention at elevated temperature etc.

Benefit of High Performance Plastics by NAGASE

The outstanding properties of high-performance plastics are superior to those of general plastics in many respects. It must withstand heat up to 150 °C, and it may be more than 200 °C as well. It is considered to be resistant to high heat many times more than general polymer plastics to support the needs of proper use. Furthermore, high-performance plastics also have many important properties, such as

  • Plastic material is strong and durable, and it maintains its shape well.
  • able to prevent chemical reactions.
  • It has excellent electrical resistance.

Typical Characteristics of High Performance Plastics

Characteristics of high performance plastics Generally, there are 2 important fundamental characteristics to respond to the needs of entrepreneurs of all types of businesses as follows.

1. Thermal stability

All plastics must have thermal stability properties with added strength and durability from special additives such as glass, fiber, carbon fiber, etc. to help increase the mechanical properties for high heat resistance. Or if you want to increase the performance even further, Nagase can increase stability by replacing aromatic units with aliphatic, allowing plastics to be used at temperatures above 130 °C. That can increase the capacity by up to 200 °C.

2. Crystallinity

Crystallinity is a property of high-performance plastics, which is similar to polymer plastic. But it has a high melting point and a phase transition similar to glass materials. If chemicals such as fillers are added to increase the strength of the plastic, it will have better mechanical properties. Particularly resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions such as organic solvents and acids

Applications of High Performance Plastics by NAGASE

High-performance plastics
from Nagase are ready to meet the needs of business types. who require the following materials to create high-quality products for your industries.

  1. Applications in the aerospace industry that require plastics with special properties and meet specific requirements, such as aircraft parts.
  2. Applications in the medical device and equipment industry that must be resistant to chemicals and cleaning with specialized disinfectants.
  3. Must have high insulating properties for use in the electrical engineering industry.
  4. Application in the automotive industry for the production of key automotive components and must be highly durable to support heavy use from driving.
  5. Application of plastics in various industries that require the strength and durability of the material, whether it is exposed to high heat or exposure to chemicals for a long time.
  6. Application of drilling tools for the crude oil and natural gas industries.


Manufacturer Of High Performance Plastics

All high-performance plastics products from Nagase are included. suitable for all manufacturing industries There are many products to choose from, as follows:

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