Automotive and E-mobility

Automotive and E-mobility

Automotive has long history in Thailand and now it is transforming to electrification era. Our plastic resins are ready to serve more demanding requirements in every component of the vehicle from battery, autonomous driving, exterior, interior, light weight technology and eco friendly plastics

EV Battery & Electrification

Modern vehicles are driven by electricity, connectivity, and sustainability. Plastic materials to use are developing to achieve design, functional, safety, and environmental requirements. Our material solutions are offered to meet the needs of manufacturers in this field from very thin eco FR technology, super light weighting, radio frequency transparency, radar absorbing, excellent dielectric, excellent dimension, and stable properties in whether hot, cold, humid, or strong chemical environment. Recycle materials with same properties with its virgin also available. Example of applications that use our products are

ADAS & Sensors

Not only self-driving car but our cars today are fully equipped with smart sensing system that provides us full connectivity, comfortability, and safety. Our plastic materials are used in these autonomous systems such as


Many consumers buy car because of interior designs. Interior designer often selects materials that give last long beautiful surface and colors. At the same time materials should allow manufacturers to produce with cost efficient and ease of processing. Our plastics for car interior are available from soft touch, high gloss, low gloss, metallic, high transparency, and light weighting while still hold good impact strength. More importantly, material must be harmless to passenger health so low VOC or paintless solution are increasingly used. Car interior parts that use our materials are like


Vehicle exterior appearance always draw attention from consumers. But not only give luxurious look our plastic materials used in car exterior also providing high performance and safety of the parts. Exterior is also one of the parts that manufacturer chooses to develop light weighting of the vehicles by replacing metal to plastics in which our materials are available to serve this purpose. Example of exterior components that use our materials.

Under the hood & Powertrain

This is the part where your car is moving forward. These components are often exposed to harsh environments from heat from engine, oil and chemicals, loads, wear etc.. Plastics materials to use must contain properties to support various requirements for the highest performance of the car and safety of passengers. These are example of plastic we serve

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