What is a Retort Pouch?

Uncategorized  |  December 20, 2022

Packaging is the key to keeping products or merchandise intact, so consumers can take advantage of these products right away. Packaging is an issue that entrepreneurs need careful attention to regardless of type of business. It is because the packaging is not only protecting goods, but it also affects the brand image, especially Ready-to-Eat products that need carefully selected packaging that can maintain the freshness completely. One of the solutions is the Retort Pouch, but where does this type of packaging come from? Let's explore it in this article.

What’s Retort Pouch?

A Retort Pouch is a flexible packaging or container that can be sealed tightly. The outstanding feature is durability that can withstand high heat and pressure from air and gas. It is suitable for food packaging that needs to be sterilized by heat or Thermal Processing at the level of Commercial Sterilization. The Retort Pouch can be sterilized in a pressure cooker. This makes the goods or products that are packed in this type of flexible container can be eaten immediately.

Retort Pouch Materials

Multiplayer Flexible Packaging Material is generally used to produce retort pouches. The features of this plastic in terms of permeability are not comparable to metal and glass. Therefore, different types of plastic have to be substituted to help maintain the quality of food products in both strength and heat by passing a sterilization process that has a temperature of up to 135 ° C. The structure can be divided into 3 layers as follows.

1.Main Structure Layer

The primary structural layer is the innermost layer of the bag and is the thickest. This layer has direct contact with food and can withstand high heat and strength. The most commonly used material is polypropylene: PP

2.Barrier Material

Next is the barrier layer. It is a middle-layer material that has a feature of moisture, gas, and light protection. The material commonly used is Opaque aluminum foil. Some manufacturers use Nylon to help strengthen the retort pouch to be tougher to prevent the packaging from being broken during transportation.

3.Outer Layer

The outer layer of retort pouch packaging is made from polyethylene terephthalate material: PET. In some cases, special-grade Nylon is used to enhance the toughness and printed to clarify product details. It resists foods from being crushed by transportation and using packaging.

Advantages of Retort Pouch

  • Products packed into containers are lightweight making them easy to transport.
  • The materials used to produce the retort pouch are strong.
  • Easy to use and provides convenience to consumers.
  • Suitable for attractive marketing by printing images and labels directly onto the package.
  • It takes less time to sterilize than other types of packaging because they tend to be flat and allow the heat to penetrate better.

Retort pouch is ideal for the food industry, especially ready-to-eat products that can tear the package and consume immediately. It provides much convenience to consumers, but there are still many limitations, such as the cost that may be required to invest slightly more than other types of packaging. Additionally, the pasteurization process is more complex than conventional processes. So, any operator looking for flexible packaging can consult with Nagaze to help optimize your business.