Technology: Diamiron
DIAMIRON™ is a co-extruded multi-layered and non-oriented film used for Skin Pack. Its excellent benefits are transparency and glossy, tight appearance, easy-opening, and pinhole resistance. It is also microwavable and has an excellent oxygen barrier, enhancing product shelf life and presenting a premium appearance. DIAMIRON™ is compatible with the laminated paper tray and plastic tray. It is suitable for packing fresh meat, frozen food, seafood and ready-to-eat food.
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Zero board
Business in this present world taking more serious on the environmental issue. In some countries, there is a regulation of collecting tax from carbon emission. The company that can reduce CO2 emission can also reduce the cost and increase competitive advantages. Zeroboard is the CO2 emission calculation on cloud service that can help company calculates the CO2 emission in the whole supply chain.


Q. Can a person with no technical expertise operate the system?
A. A data input guide is provided, so you can easily understand the logic behind the calculations.
Q. What kind of clients do you mainly cater for?
A. Mainly manufacturers who want to refine their Scope 3 emissions, and industries that have multiple locations.
Q. What are the initial fees yo use the service?
A. No initial fees are required, we use a SaaS pricing (monthly fee) model.
Q. What kind of customer support is available?
A. We receive inquiries via email, but web and phone support plans are also available.

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