Thermoforming & Skin pack Film

We are supplying Thermoforming Film using for every level requirement of Oxygen Transmittance Rate; Frozen, Chill, Retort. The application such as Sausage, Ham, Fish ball, Surimi, Herbal egg, Sweet corn etc. We are also supplying Skin Pack film for those meat, fish, and ready to eat product as well.

Thermoform Film – DIAMIRON™

DIAMIRON™ is a co-extruded multi-layered and non-oriented film using for thermoforming packaging. Manufacturer by Mitsubishi Chemical (Thailand) under technology from Mitsubishi Chemical, Japan. DIAMIRON™ provides excellent transparency and glossy, easy-opening, excellent oxygen & moisture barrier enhancing product shelf life, aroma retention, chemical and pinhole resistance, apply for processing temperature from -40°C (Frozen) to 121°C (Retort). Suitable for food packaging such as sausage, meat ball, ham, surimi and medical packaging such as syringe and cotton.

Skin Pack Film – DIAMIRON™

DIAMIRON™ is a co-extruded multi-layered and non-oriented film used for Skin Pack. Its excellent benefits are transparency and glossy, tight appearance, easy-opening, and pinhole resistance. It is also microwavable and has an excellent oxygen barrier, enhancing product shelf life and presenting a premium appearance. DIAMIRON™ is compatible with the laminated paper tray and plastic tray. It is suitable for packing fresh meat, frozen food, seafood and ready-to-eat food.


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