Printed Roll Film & Pouch

Laminated Roll film

We supply the packaging in form of roll film to work with your auto-packing machine. With experienced team, we can provide you the solution for packing process. – Print up to 10 colors – Laminated to suite your function – Pitch control for eyes mark



Retort Pouch

Retort pouch is selected for the food that need to be sterilized in the auto clave (retort chamber). The food can be raw or cooked before filling the retort pouch. Then, product will be sterilized with high temperature & pressure. This process make the food to be able to store in the room temperature for long time. Not only aluminum retort pouch, we can also provide you the transparent retort pouch to show the product.

Boil Pouch

The boil pouch can withstand the heat normally ranging from 80 – 98 C. The pouch is suited for hot filling and heat steaming for sterilize. For more detail, you are welcome to contact us.

High Barrier Pouch

Barrier pouch has a layer to protect the oxygen and moisture to penetrate to the pouch. This can protect/reduce the oxidation process and extend the shelf life of the food.

Frozen pouch

Frozen pouch is used to store the food with the –degree (up to -40 C). In this condition, some plastic will be cracked easily. Thus, selecting the right raw material is the key for the complete product.


Pouch type

We can supply various type of pouch to suite your product design.

3-Side Seal

3-Side Seal Pouch

Standing Pouch

Center Seal

Center Seal with Gusset