Plastic Resin

Polyester (concept glass replacement)

We provide thermoplastic polyester that delivers significant mechanical properties, chemical resistance, durability etc. The application in a broad range of industries due to being heat resistant, impact and solvents. It is widely used for packaging and medical.
Packaging (food and drink container, glass replacement), Medical and Pharmaceutical.


The resin is usually made from agricultural waste with special additives. It was combine and process the material into pellets type (easy to use) which are re-process and form into final product while others create the final product by one step mixing and extrusion/injection process.
The resin can use in a board range of application such a food container, tableware, cutlery, indoor furniture, hygiene product, audio part and cosmetic packaging.


This excess plastic is left over from the manufacturing process and can be generated for a variety of reasons. Some scrap comes from contouring products or changing production on a line. Other times, scrap is created during necessary product quality and printing standards checks. Since this plastic never leaves the manufacturing setting, it can be easier to collect and recycle.


Post consumer recycled resin (PCR resin) is a material made from recycled plastic, such as water and beverage bottles and other packaging. It offers a more sustainable source for making packaging films, containers, sheets, and many of the products that would otherwise be developed with virgin plastic resin. PCR resins meet requirements and regulations for food, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, and general retail packaging, making them suitable for nearly any packaging need.

Scent & Odor control additives

  • Scent & Odor control additives
  • Essential oils are added to a polymer that release or conceal scents over time.
  • Length of efficacy can be controlled by changing the affinity of the carrier to the base resin, making it more or less likely to migrate Certain scents –warm cookies, fresh-cut grass, salty air –evoke powerful memories and can make someone feel content, energized or just plain happy.

Anti-microbial additives

Anti-microbial solutions are custom designed based on price, performance and substrate to reduce or prevent microbial growth.
Offers targeted log reduction, functional benefit or marketing claim Partnership with several independent testing houses validate performance in final article Provides an uninhabitable environment for bacteria, algae or fungi types to grow

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