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Packaging is an important part of every product. It must protect the goods to ensure safety, maintain it in perfect condition, and be ready to use according to customer needs. It is also the first section used to describe product details, such as brand names, product instructions, key ingredients and ingredients, nutritional information, bar codes, and government approvals. Therefore, choosing the suitable packaging material for the product is an important issue that entrepreneurs must understand. In this article, NAGASE Packaging, a packaging solution provider, will introduce you to all the products that are ready to support your business in 3 product lines.

3 Types of Packaging Material from NAGASE Packaging

NAGASE Packaging offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end packaging solutions. There are both finished products for end users, convertor materials, and raw materials for plastic resin and sheets.

End User Products

Products in this group focus on ready-to-use applications or packaging for general customers who would like to use them to pack products straight away, including Thermoforming & Skin pack Film, Printed Roll Film & Pouch, and Packing Machine.

1.Thermoforming & Skin pack Film

It is a type of plastic film used as a product packaging to protect the product. It is sold under the brand DIAMIRON, manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. with technology from Japan.

It can extend the product life because it resists acidic conditions and low temperature which is suitable for frozen food products, processed food, and medical products.

Printed Roll Film & Pouch is the packaging that can be used with automatic packaging machines. There are many options, such as 3-Side Seal, 3-Side Seal Pouch, Standing Pouch, Center Seal, and Center Seal with Gusset. The product labels can be printed over the products in this group.

NAGASE is a distributor of packing machines from many leading brands from Japan, Europe, and reliable manufacturers. We are ready to advise you on choosing the most suitable machine for your business production line..

Convertor Material

Film is an important packaging material because it protects the product from external factors to be in perfect condition and extend a product life by keeping them fresh for longer. NAGASE has films to choose from according to product types, such as BOPP Film, Nylon Film, PET Film, LLDPE, CPP Film, Alu Film, Barrier Film and Eco Film.

The zipper is the part that closes the pouch-type packaging. It helps to maintain the product inside to be in perfect condition effectively, prevents adulterated things, and makes it convenient for consumers to use. There are three types of zippers; General zipper, Functional Zipper, and Eco Zipper.

A wide range of adhesives for bonding parts of packaging. NAGASE can supply 3 main types which are Solvent base, Solvent less and Water base. They are available from small to large IBC tanks according to customer needs.

Resin & Sheet

The last group of packaging materials from NAGASE is Resin & Sheet products. This packaging is suitable for customers in the packaging industry and electronics industry who need these raw materials to produce products. In addition, we also have environmentally friendly raw materials like Biomass.

Plastic resin is the main raw materials packaging that is important for packaging products. NAGASE Packaging has a variety of products to choose from including Polyester, PIR, PCR, and environmentally friendly products like Biomass.

The final product is the plastic sheet. There are 2 types of plastic sheets, namely the APET sheet, and PS Sheet. They are suitable for molding a product packaging through desired and most suitable mold by machines.

How important is packaging material for your business?

Selecting the right packaging materials for your business is important because you can determine the cost of the product by selecting suitable and quality raw materials for the production process. It has a positive effect on your business in terms of investment. Choosing products from NAGASE Packaging can guarantee the quality along with being trusted by consumers.