Conductive Coating Material



DENATRON is a conductive coating material of Type-P, developed based on a polythiophene-based conductive polymer named PEDOT:PSS, and Type-C, developed based on carbon nanotubes "CNT".

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Information and expertise on conductive coatings.

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We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers.

I am concerned about the deterioration of the performance of the coating film because it is an organic material.

PEDOT:PSS is known as one of the most stable materials among conductive polymer materials. Moreover, our formulation techniques make it possible to improve its stability by a factor of several tens.
However, organic materials are damaged by ultraviolet more easily compared to non-organic materials. In cases where the film is exposed to direct sunlight, and yet high reliability is required, some measures such as UV protection are necessary.
Type-C based on Nano Carbon with excellent weather resistance has also been added our line-up. Please try new experiencing with our new technology.

I am concerned about its usability because PEDOT:PSS is acidic.

The dispersion liquid and coating film from PEDOT:PSS are not irritating human skin and cause little environmental contamination.
The reason is that it is thought that the high molecular weight of PSS results in human skin having low permeability to it.
However, metal may rust; therefore, we recommend measures to prevent rust such as the use of materials such as stainless steel, plated metal, or resin lining, for the parts coming into direct contact with liquid.
For customers who have difficulties taking measures with their equipment, we can adjust the liquid’s pH to make it neutral.

I am worried about whether it will be worth because PEDOT:PSS is expensive.

It is true that PEDOT:PSS is expensive, but a very low content (a thin film) is sufficient for PEDOT:PSS to be effective.
So, it can potentially be used for cost-sensitive applications.
In addition, now we can also offer an affordable grade of PEDOT:PSS since we have reconsidered our manufacturing method by cooperating with the manufacturer of the raw materials for PEDOT:PSS.

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